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Eye Play is the ultimate iPod accessory! Portable Speakers Compatible with iPhone, Zune, MP3 Players, laptops and most phones! Splash Proof Sunglasses Case with built in powerful NXT speaker and exterior controls!

Eye Play

Eye Play is fashionable, lightweight and the ultimate iPod accessory. Eye Play speakers are compatible with iPod, iPhone, Zune and MP3 players. Eye Play is a water resistant sunglass case with built in powerful NXT flat panel speakers! Our lightweight eyeplay accessory case is a portable speaker case for your iPod, iPhone, Zune and MP3 players and has a wrist strap, so you can easily carry it anywhere with you.

Eye Play is the coolest iPod gadget and first product to combine a protective high quality water resistant sunglasses case with an integrated high-end NXT flat panel portable speaker with exterior volume controls. This uniquely designed case protects your sunglasses and is compatible with iPod, iPhone, Zune and MP3 Player.

Eye Play portable speaker enables you to play your iPod, MP3 and iPhone through your Eye Play case with amazing revolutionary sound quality provided by NXT patented technology.

Whether you want to listen to your favorite tunes on the beach, at your hotel, in the car or just generally on the move, Eye Play is just what you need.

eyeplay is the coolest iPod gadget and is hottest selling item in the gift industry and now being called the eye candy of the year! Our unique product is the ultimate iPod Accessory. Our POS display comes with 24 pieces and has press me button! Eye Play is available in four different colors: black, white, pink and silver. Sunglasses and iPod are NOT included.

Eye Play is designed, registered and manufactured by Eye Play USA.